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URB 2D3 drilling rig

URB 2D3 drilling rig
  • URB 2D3 drilling rig
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1650000 RUB
Country of manufacture:Russia

URB-2D3 is intended for drilling in the rotary way with washing, a purge, a shock and rotary way with a submersible pneumatic impact tool and screws of wells of different function, including water intaking.

The rotator moving on a mast with the hydraulic drive with a special elevator is shared for screwing together and discrediting of boring pipes and performance of hoisting operations.

Hoisting operations and giving of the boring tool on a face of a well are made by means of a giving hydraulic cylinder that provides the optimum pressure upon a face including when drilling by pneumatic impact tools, and allows to conduct highly effective drilling on breeds of any fortress.

Management of installation gidrofitsirovano is also carried out from the control panel. Two persons serve installation.

Installation is mounted on the chassis of All-terrain vehicles.

Cash and non-cash forms of payment. Our experts can do everything, any your "wishes" - can make and place on your drilling platform.

Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 08.02.2018

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